Q. 1 How and when is it reasonable to book building inspections?

Ans. To schedule a building inspection call, you can call our direct line or send us an email with your building permit number, the type of review needed and the date you would like us to come. All we want is 24-48 hours notice for your booking. You can call our office Monday - Friday, between 8:30 to 4:30.

Q. 2 At what time will my overseer come to do the inspection?

Ans. We carried out Inspections on Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 4:30. If you desire, you may call us after 9:30 am on the day of your evaluation for an estimated time your supervisor will be on site.

Q. 3 Do I Get A Guarantee?

Ans. Your inspection is a proof of apparent conditions at a particular point in time and not a guarantee, insurance policy or warranty. Some problems can only expose by living in a property.

Q. 4Can I look over the Property Myself?

Some customers find it complicated to remain wholly objective which may lead to poor judgment. It is at all times suitable to obtain fair third-party estimation by an independent expert.

Q. 5 Why Do I Need a Warranty Inspection?

When you purchase a new home from an engineer or developer, the warranty against critical structural faults applies for four years. However, for minor non-structural flaws the engineer is only accountable for rectifying issues for eight months after Realistic Completion. For this reason, we recommend that earlier than eight months after Realistic Completion, you have an additional Warranty Inspection embark on to make out any non-structural defects, lapses or unprofessional work so the builder can correct them.